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Nunsdrakkas Child and other stories

NunsDrakka's Child and other stories
ISBN 978-1-8384035-0-8

Much of the spiritual and moral content of this book was directly inspired and provided by knowledge and teachings given by the Erasmus Foundation, a spiritual teaching and healing centre in Suffolk, UK.

The Earth is sick at present and out of balance. It will be healed when Mankind has learnt to come back into balance himself. Our future is our children and if we can introduce a little spiritual teaching when reading stories to our children then surely our future has some hope.

This book aims to provide just a little spiritual knowledge for future generations to come.

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Krystallhval and the Berserkers and other stories

Krystallhval and the Berserkers and other stories
ISBN 978-1-8384035-3-9

A selection of amusing and moral stories to be published later this year.

Some of the stories are based on ancient myths from Canada, Australia, Norway and Atlantis and tell of amazing tales, offering opportunities to expand spiritual and moral issues to teach children.